Restorative Dentistry


A crown provides complete coverage of the tooth. It is usually placed on a tooth that is fractured, has deep decay or an old crown that needs to be replaced. Crowns are porcelain and are made to look very natural.



A filling is used to replace damaged tooth structure caused by decay or trauma. We use tooth colored composite resin that blends in to match your existing tooth.


Bonding allows you to restore teeth that are “chipped” or broken. You can even transform your smile by bonding multiple teeth.


Implants are used to replace one or several teeth that are missing. A specialist places the implant and we restore the implant with a crown.


Patrick R. Person D.D.S.

We also provide many other dental services such as root canals, partials and dentures. Give us a call to discuss any of these treatment options with you.

Dr. Person and staff provide the following restorative dentistry procedures:


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